mercredi, mars 18, 2015


There are moments where we pause to reflect on life and to take stock of how lucky we are.  Today is one of those days.

To my family -- Leo, Sebastian, and Lucia -- you are my everything.  Life is so much better with you.  The world is more beautiful, the sun shines brighter, music sounds better, and even food is more delicious when I'm sharing it with you.

To Leo -- I immediately fell in love with your mind and your heart.  Your sense of humor, commitment to equality and social justice, and our chemistry have been more than I ever could've hoped for in a partner. You challenge me, support me, and make me feel so incredibly loved. I cannot imagine life without my media naranja.

Seba and Lulu -- I am so proud of how smart, loving, funny, and absolutely amazing you each are.  I love raising you with your father and hope that you grow up to be curious, creative, and compassionate people. More than anything, I hope that every day, you love yourselves and dream bigger.  Seba, you are my beautiful, empathetic boy and I can't wait to see the wonderful man you will become.  Lucia, you are my gorgeous, spirited girl.  I know that you will make your mark on the world.

To the Astons -- I'm so grateful to have decades ahead of us to strengthen our ties and make memories as a family.

To my friends -- you have made this time so much richer and so much more rewarding than you'll ever know.  I am proud of the enduring ways our relationships have morphed and grown. I'm grateful for the wisdom you've shared and the arms you've extended to propel me as a person and pick me up when I've fallen down. You are my community and, in many ways, my family.  I love you all.

To my colleagues, classmates, teachers, and mentors -- you've made our life's work so much better. Thanks for laughter and hugs and for teaching me to think differently, to stretch myself, and to give back to others.

To my children's caregivers, especially Hortencia and Elda -- thank you for the love and care you've shown Seba and Lucia.  They are who they are in large part because you have treated them like your own children and given them room to be themselves.

To my doctors, nurses, and those who safeguard my physical and mental health -- thank you for keeping me healthy and being vigilant about all of the remarkable things that happen to my body.