dimanche, octobre 11, 2015

my renewed pledge on national coming out day

On National Coming Out Day, I renew my pledge to teach my son (and daughter) what I didn’t learn at home:
  • That the greatest family value is valuing all families.
  • That home is a safe place to be yourself.
  • To embrace your identity and the identities of others.
  • That there is no normal ... there’s who you are and that is wonderfully unique.
  • To speak up for those who are afraid to use their voices.
  • To stand up for those who feel powerless.
  • To be a friend to those who feel alone and are most at-risk for checking out of this world.
  • To fight for a world where there is no need for closets because there is no longer any reason to hide.
  • That love is love, and that loving families come in many shapes and sizes.
  • That they are loved by me and by their father, no matter what.

lundi, octobre 05, 2015


"So much of the media is shouting matches and ideological food fights. It's very hard to have the kind of reasoned discussion of these big ethical questions without creating opportunities to do that." -- Michael Sandel, Harvard professor and rock-star moralist