mardi, juin 07, 2005


It's not too late to get your hands on this fun, government-issued license plate that proclaims your disdain for our current President. Bidding ends 12-Jun-05 21:11:22. EDT
An actual government issued Anti Bush item. How rare is that? This is an original license plate accidentally issued by the State of Washington.

I had this plate on my car for 4 months before receiving a letter from the DOL informing me that they determined my plate to be "Offensive to good taste and decency."

This is a used plate but in excellent condition. No scratches or dents. It is a one of a kind. Well, actually 2 of a kind. I'm keeping the other one. You can have either the front one pictured, or the rear plate with the actual tabs so you have proof that it is an authentic, state issued plate.

This plate has changed my life. I receive comments all day long while driving around town. Usually it's either a middle finger or a thumbs up. (My own personal "up or down" vote)

I feel like KRAMER driving around with his ASSMAN plates.

I've had people wanting their pictures taken beside the plate, had interesting conversations at gas stations, many waves and horn toots. It's been a blast.
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Anonyme a dit…

Your hatred for the President is sooooo cool! You rock gurl! Never root for the home team!