samedi, juin 04, 2005

what a beautiful world

It's an extreme(ly) frightening makeover. A photo atlas released by the United Nations Environment Program shows our impact on the planet, from major deforestation to urban sprawl:
The devastating impact of mankind on the planet is dramatically illustrated in pictures published on Saturday showing explosive urban sprawl, major deforestation and the sucking dry of inland seas over less than three decades.

"If there is one message from this atlas it is that we are all part of this. We can all make a difference," U.N. expert Kaveh Zahedi told reporters at the launch of the "One Planet Many People" atlas on the eve of World Environment Day.

Page after page of the 300-page book illustrate in before-and-after pictures from space the disfigurement of the face of the planet wrought by human activities.
Via Matt and CNN

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