mardi, juillet 26, 2005

confessions of the cluelessly aloof

Brax's confession spawned this post ... but I probably wouldn't have even noticed.
Every now and then I will check out a girl I'm not attracted to. I do it because I remember what it felt like to think that no one would want to look at me. I hope it makes them appreciate themselves.
While waiting for our movie to begin on Sunday, Harry told me that a guy checked me out on the way into the theatre. I had missed it completely. My cluelessness is genuine — I'm wretchedly oblivious to the fact that someone might be taking an interest in me.

Corollary: I've been told that I'm very aloof in clubs, and that I have crappy eye contact in the same situations. In short, I give the object of my attention very little with which to work.

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