mercredi, juillet 06, 2005

le tour de greg

Here's the latest from my friend Greg and his adventures in France:

Took TGV to St Nazaire last weekend to watch start of Tour de France. No ride available to drive me, so I rented a 40 lb clunker from a beach rentals place at 3 p.m., and pedaled in running clothes 55KM to Fremontaine with a 16oz bottle of water. Arrived at start ramp 6:15 - Lance left at 6:48.

Got lots of great shots, afterward got water and food from a nice lady watching from her window. Took me til 11pm to get back; I didn't think the bike would make it. I didn't dare stand up on the pedals for fear the chain or pedals would break.

This Friday; TGV again to Grenoble to meet my brother, cycle in the alps, hopefully on better equipment.

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