mardi, août 09, 2005

simple pleasures

a couple of glasses of cabernet with A.
vinta crackers with nutella
wham! on the stereo
stories of crushes, coming out, and not going to a certain bar
astro profiles on
conversations about her past loves
my wedding album
letting go of judgements
confessions about our mothers
filling our own voids and making full circles, not incomplete complements
realizing that in one case, it wasn't about "they," but "him"
affirming that we've got the goods
acknowledging that it will be hard to find our equals
hope for future loves
feasting on the sweet smell of night jasmine as I walked back upstairs

2 commentaires:

Christine a dit…

I haven't thought about Wham! in a long time. Real fans know about the punctuation ;). I remember wanting one of those "Choose Life" shirts in a neon color. I think I was the last person in North America to realize George Michael is gay.

Sounds like a fun evening!

Allison a dit…

Could not have described it better myself...