samedi, octobre 15, 2005


Today is Diana's 31st birthday! Her party: Wine tasting in Temecula. So D, Ophira, Nolan, Reggie, Gonzalo, Jean-François, and I piled into a limo, along with the requisite fruit, cheese, crackers, chocolate, sandwiches, music, and (of course) wine for the trip.

This was definitely the right crew to celebrate with. As we proceeded to sample the wares at each stop, and the day grew later, I was grateful for the driver, as there was no way anyone in our little party could have managed to get us home safely. I was also glad for Jean-François' knowledge of wines and how much he taught all of us on the topic.

When we were back, someone threw Ophy in the pool and it was only a matter of time before the rest of us were soaked, too. After three hours of laughter, splashing, and general mayhem in the pool and jacuzzi, I borrowed some dry clothes and headed home.

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