mercredi, octobre 19, 2005

tattooed doppelganger

Lately, lots of people are telling me that I resemble celebrity X or celebrity Y. In the past month, I've been told that I resemble four different celebrities. Thankfully, no one's telling me that I look like anyone in porn.

Student bullied over porn lookalike
A teenage girl has been shocked and humiliated after students at her private school distributed a porn video they thought she starred in.

The 17-year-old from northern New South Wales was stunned to discover students had copied footage from an X-rated website featuring an actress she looked like. The 10 seconds of film was then circulated by email to dozens of other students, wrongly claiming she was the star.

The school and police are investigating the incident. The girl, who asked not to be identified, told The Sunday Mail she first became aware when she received a text message asking if she was a porn star. Other students confronted her as speculation spread through the school about the woman in the video.

"It happened when I was right in the middle of my end-of-year exams for Year 11, when one of the boys sent a text to me. He said, 'Are you making porn now?'," she said yesterday. The girl said she was left shocked when she saw the video.

"It made me feel horrible, it was unfair and humiliating that they had done this," she said. The girl's parents have had to become members of a US porn site to track the original video and clear their daughter's name.

"As her parents we were astounded at the resemblance of the porn star to our daughter and, had we not recognised the difference in body features, we would have thought the same as everyone else – that it was her," her father said. "She was crying in her room. I asked her if she had ever been drugged at a party because the video shows the porn star with eyes rolling and acting in a possible drug-induced state. She replied, 'No, never'."

It was discovered the actress had a tattoo on her shoulder, proving their daughter was not involved.

Her father also sounded a warning about cyber bullying. "Some parents may not have had the time and money to find the original video and their child's name would be under a cloud because they could not have proved them innocent."


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