samedi, novembre 05, 2005

here's to good friends and good food

Susan A. is in town from North Carolina!! The old Torrey Pines Center South crowd (Josette, Jen B., Jennifer S., Susan A., Susan G., Nolan, and I) got together to celebrate today over a great meal at Just Fabulous.

Cass, Sydney, Fred, and Cynthia: you were missed ... and you missed a tasty lunch and fabulous (of course) desserts.

Better than Extraordinary Desserts
Nolan's lemon bavaroise and blackcurrant gelato
dulce de leche crème brûlée
Susan G.'s dulce de leche crème brûlée
macadamia coconut chocolate tart
Susan A.'s chocolate coconut macadamia tart
lemon torte
Josette's lemon torte
lemon torte
My lemon torte and raspberry gelato

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