mardi, novembre 08, 2005

how to vote like a wacko liberal (me)

The views expressed here are my own, but the cheeky issue summaries are (mostly) stolen from Hilstah's friend Ethan.

If you haven't already, get out and vote!
CA Democrats -- Source for the state issues
CA Greens -- Source for the state issues

IssueWacko liberal saysMeDemGreen
73No abortions for minors until 48 hours after parental notification.NoNoNo
74Arnold is pissed at the teachers, so he makes working as a teacher a less attractive career option (longer time until tenure, easier to fire teachers).NoNoNo
75Arnold is angry at the unions. He wants to make it harder for them to fund political issues. It'd be better if this rule was enforced on all organizations and corporations, why single out the unions? Oh right, 'cause the unions don't like Arnold, but the Corporations do.NoNoNo
76Arnold wants unilateral power to control the budget on school and community colleges. See above issue about how Arnold is mad at the teachers.NoNoNo
77Let retired judges using outdated census information make redistricting decisions, as opposed to the current more open and voted upon system.NoNoNo
78Prescription drugs discounted the way the large pharmicutical companies want them to be discounted. So basically a discount program without any teeth. Seems to be known as the "Business written" discount plan.NoNoNo
79Prescription drugs discounted in a more measured and regulated way. Sorta known as the "consumer written" discount plan. If this plan is created it would cost the state somewhere in the 5-12 million dollar range, depending how much the state wants to push the program.YesYesYes
80A re-regulation of the power/utility companies. The good is that things would be re-regulated, the bad is that the people who would be in charge of the regulation (CPUC) are oft-criticized by consumer groups.

The downside is that various renewable energy folks say (reasonably) that it will set an upper limit on renewable energy use just at a time when interest in renewable is beginning to boom. While reregulation seems to be a good thing, it seems the people who crafted it did not consult with the renewables people. This stuff is complicated and is yet another example of why ballot initiatives suck. On the whole, we will be better off if this goes down and something better gets proposed.
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Ellie a dit…

I hope you know that I totally respect you, and that I only tease you because I like you.

But I really must speak here. Or write, rather.

73. Agreed.

74. My opinion: many of my friends who are teachers are frustrated at how hard it is to fire bad teachers. However, this bill was silly - everybody works hard -until- they get tenure, so there is no way to tell who is good before they are tenured unless they are abysmal, in which case it will show up within the first year.

75. My opinion, for what it's worth: unions are going to destroy this state (and this city), and I hope to get out before that happens. Their only interest is to promote their own power and to grab cash. This is the nature of both individuals and organizations, and therefore is not wrong per se. However, unions have far too much power in this state.

But to address the question at hand. Why should unions be allowed to spend their member's money on political issues that they disagree with? That's called coersion.

In terms of corporations: an individual has a choice about whether to own stock. I have to pay union dues no matter what ('fair share' dues, which are well nigh the same as full union dues).

Further, I have no choice about which union to be in, without a -major- battle that includes -all- units in the union, not just the unit that wants out. The other units have an interest in keeping my unit in the fold, because more people=more power, so in practical terms, I have no choice. More coersion.

In my rulebook, coersion=evil, and only varies from murder or rape by degree.

76. No strong feelings. A weak bill.

77. My opinion: The current system is sheer unencumbered croneyism designed to maintain the status quo, but the bill was poorly written.

78. Agreed.

79. My opinion: No. Regulation of this sort, good as it may sound, generally has unintended consequences. I agree about the problem, but not the solution.

80. Agreed.

End analysis: if my condo complex were managed as poorly as this state has been, I'd sue or sell or both. I believe that Arnie is doing his best to clean up a big mess. I don't always often disagree with him, but I do believe that he cares about California.