lundi, décembre 26, 2005

christmas in newark

It was quite an adventure getting to New York. Here's what I mean:
  1. I reserved parking at 105 parking and pre-paid for the first night. When I pulled up to the lot three hours before my flight, the lot was closed, with a "full" sign in the driveway and no visible attendant. I was annoyed, but after 20 quasi-panic-striken minutes, I found parking with the good people at Wally Parker.
  2. I got to LAX with plenty of time to spare, was flagged for a crazy security check that included a pat-down from a wisecracking TSA employee, them emptying all my carry-on items, and measuring my crochet hooks and scissors. (I got to keep everything.)
  3. I called Ben, who couldn't stop laughing at the fact that I was still over two hours early for a domestic flight, despite the earlier misadventures that evening.
  4. I was called to the desk, wondering if I was about to be bumped and got a pleasant surprise: A free upgrade to business class.
  5. The flight was uneventful, other than the weird turbulence that can only be described as rollercoaster-like for the last hour.
  6. As we circled JFK for landing, we were told that fog and a problem on the ground meant that we'd be diverted to Newark. I called Ben and gave him the news.
  7. 20 minutes after landing at Newark, I was informed that I couldn't get off, as my luggage was checked. I called Ben and told him to sit tight.
  8. 90 minutes later, I landed at JFK two hours after the originally scheduled landing time, collected my things, and wished Ben a Merry Christmas.
The rest of the day was great, and included gifts at Penny's house and dinner with the Bybees.

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