lundi, décembre 19, 2005

prisoners killing me softly

One of my econ classmates just slayed me with this note:

I was thinking, what if we all decided to do fairly poorly on the test. then I thought, yeah but someone wouldn't do it, and then I thought, that's a prisoner's dilemna! how appropriate. I think I might chart that out, hmmm, what would be the dominant strategy?
I'm thinking that I should heed another friend's advice re: my dominant strategy.
I’m not usually into violent imagery, but I think you should start channeling violent thoughts into this Econ test.

Be not merciful.

Kill it.

Eviscerate it. Slowly.

Make it suffer for all the joy it has taken out of your life.

Make its last moments on this earth filled with excruciating pain, pain so torturous that it writhes under your razor sharp #2 pencil.

Leave it in agony, worse than the agony known to the Sabine women, worse than the agony known to John Holwell in Calcutta, worse even than the agony of those forced to sit through the musical “Rent”…

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