lundi, janvier 09, 2006


It began with my friend Eleanor, who is my archetype for fearlessness.

Then there was Ben's comment last week about his friend who bought an around-the-world ticket and traveled alone. That led me to remark that she must be fearless. And to think about my own fears.

Over brunch with pediaJen yesterday, I declared that I want to be fearless in how I live my life and the choices I make. I feel that I'm pretty far along that path, but that it's time to push myself a bit and to enjoy the rewards that come from taking chances.

Lest you think I've gone daft, I don't mean fearless in the foolhardy sense. Just as pain is the body's way of telling us that something is horribly wrong, a little fear (in the form of reason) is a good thing. But keeping my wits about me, I'm hereby banishing my irrational fears.

My first foray in fearlessness: online dating. Stay tuned for dispatches from the front ...

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Christine a dit…

I am thinking good thoughts for your online dating quest. Two thoughts come to mind. #1 I was at the library in University City and saw a homeless guy responding to (or similar) ads. Be wary of guys who lie, lie, lie. #2 Get a friend to go with you to the first meeting or two. Better yet, have them ghost you in the coffee shop. You've watched enough Alias :). Have a code for "pretend you just noticed me, come over and rescue me, now!"

Can't wait to hear how it goes!