samedi, janvier 21, 2006

nutcases s'abstenir, s'il vous plaît

Online dating dispatch, volume two in a series ...

The most outrageous person who has contacted me thus far has to be Retired_Spy, who complimented me on my good French grammar: "(de points de bonus supplementaires pour ta bonne grammaire en francais)."

My first thought was that it was my buddy Nathan having some fun with me.
But now I'm kinda hoping he's legit, because he's just so ridiculous.

Either way, he's really not my demographic, but at least he's honest about what he's looking for and pretty witty in how he's asking for it:

I'm a well-educated, charming, witty dirty old man in my 40's living near Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm English mother-tongue, but speak French, German, and have forgotten almost all the Russian I knew.

I'm involved in international relations on a global level. In my career I've worked in over 60 countries on all continents (except Antarctica for you purists).

I'm not looking for a soul-mate; rather, I'm looking for someone (2 'X' chromosomes obligatory) who enjoys taking a few mild risks, delights in long boozy lunches, and would be interested in foregoing same for hot, sweaty, and fulfilling, purely superficial, utterly meaningless encounters.

Oh: nutcases, s'abstenir (don't bother replying).

You're either young (18-28), inexperienced, enthusiastic, and very pliant; or still young (29+), experienced, enthusiastic, and very pliant. In either case, you should be a risk-taker (that's a risk with a small 'r', by the way).

You shouldn't be a flake. I don't like flakes. Or teases. Or girls who haven't quite grown up.

It would be great if we spoke a couple of languages in common, and you've seen the world a bit, although that's not strictly necessary.

And you should be interested in getting together for a nice lunchtime dalliance or two. Or three. Or more.

Nutcases, s'abstenir svp.

2 commentaires:

V.S. a dit…

The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved. Is there a doctor in the hall ?

Christine a dit…

Stay away from his "English mother tongue" :P.