dimanche, janvier 08, 2006

small effing world

While at Decade for Brandon's 30th birthday tonight, I finally met the man who wasn't there. I also met his fiancee, whom he'll marry next week. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't ask him to coffee all those months ago, for several reasons. But it's also nice to solve that little mystery and put the whole thing on the "resolved" shelf. The irony: I lost interest the second we began to speak. And, he's friends with Brandon to boot.

Tonight's theme was pretty much about reunions for everyone there. It was my first time showing up to the Zombie Lounge (a great seedy punk/ rockabilly bar which is all of three blocks from my house). While there, I saw at least ten people that I haven't seen since 2001, someone whom I've randomly run into three times in as many years, someone whom I haven't seen since a party at his house in October 2004, and I guy I used to date (who's now dating an acquaintance). Oh, and did I mention that I was also there with someone who used to date the same guy I dated? As Phil and William put it, the circles are starting to tighten and collapse on one another.

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