mardi, février 07, 2006

blushing intensely

The hardest thing about dating is breaking up. I briefly dated someone last fall and it was incredibly difficult to tell this person why I couldn't be with him. When he argued with me during the breakup, I could tell that I had really hurt him and that left me sad and frustrated about our friendship ending. But it also convinced me that I was doing the right thing.

It's now been several months and he joined me (and several friends) on an outing this weekend. We all had a great time.

Yesterday, out of the blue, he sent me this. I'm humbled. But more importantly, I'm glad to know that our friendship is on solid footing again:

I've said this to my friends the last couple of days, now I repeat it to you:

Sometimes you see someone you once dated, however briefly, and think "what the *fuck* was I thinking?!?" But sometimes you see the person and it rips your heart out. But sometimes, if you're very very lucky, you see the person and say to yourself: "Wow. This woman is absolutely gorgeous, and is a completely amazing person, and I totally see what I was thinking. And... she was right, it wouldn't have worked."

I couldn't have hoped for anything better.

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