lundi, février 13, 2006


"The storm blanketed the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina to Maine over the weekend, dropping 26.9 inches of snow Central Park — the heaviest since record keeping began in 1869. The old record was 26.4 inches in December 1947, the National Weather Service said."

Confession time: I'm a silly Californian who knows nothing about real snow, as evidenced by my text message to Ben yesterday:
How's the weather? Hope you're on the slopes, enjoying yourself. It's too hot for winter here. My mind's rebelling against 80-degree days in Feb. Later.

In my defense, I just heard that it had snowed a lot back East. I didn't realize that "The Blizzard of '06" was still in progress.

Anyhow, Ben and Asim: I hope that today's a snow day and that you're out enjoying it. And Asim, let me know when you want to visit San Diego. : )

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