samedi, février 11, 2006

factoid from a nestle chocolate wrapper

Q: Which laundry detergent keeps clothes clean in Uzbekistan: barf, puke, or vomit?
A: Barf

Upon further investigation, I learned that the good people at Nestle were not trying to pull a fast one.

Barf is made in Iran and is a best-seller in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Here is the English blurb on the side of the box:
Combination of T.A.E.D. with perborate in Barf, delivers effective bleaching and hygienic performance, even at cold wash.

Barf with finely balanced formulation, removes even the most stubborn dirts without causing any harm to clothes.

With inclusion of soap in Barf formulation, the softness and texture of fabric is preserved.

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