mercredi, février 08, 2006

real beauty

It's a man's world, but there are very few times when I would actually like to be one. One of those times is when I see how un-self-conscious most men are about their bodies.

That's because I don't know a woman who doesn't wish she was taller or shorter, thinner or curvier, had bigger or perkier breasts, clearer skin, different eyes, or better hair.

On the one hand, it's admirable to strive for a goal and to better oneself. On the other hand, the self-loathing that leads to eating disorders and a multi-billion dollar cosmetic surgery industry gives me pause. In short, most women have bought the beauty myth (to one extent or another).

And I am one of those women.

Consider this: I've never traded on my looks. In fact, I didn't really believe that I was attractive until not that long ago. Part of it was reality: I never was the prettiest girl in class, and I never defined myself in terms of beauty. (I always thought — and still do— that my intelligence is my most attractive quality, because to me, smart is sexy no matter how you slice it.)

Do I blame society? Check. Do I blame my mother? Of course. And do I, at thirty years old, now own my issues and work at loving myself everyday? Damn skippy.

Enter Dove. Dove (ostensibly) sells beauty products, but I would argue that they (like all beauty products) are actually in the business of selling hope. Now, they've formulated the campaign for real beauty.

The whole phenomenon fascinates me. And I'm sure that I'll be writing more about it after doing some reading.

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Foto De Jour a dit…

How true ! A tear came to my eye when i watched the commercial the first time because i have a friend who is having this very drama with her daughter who cant understand why she was born mexican instead of phillipino like the little girl who she's befriended in her class. It sounds petty, but they both have and will spend many of tear filled evenings having this discussion. I had never had experience with this personally prior to this, but now that i get to hear of it so closely, it seems all too real.
Dove hit a real - RAW nerve.

cyn a dit…

i've always thought you were *very* pretty! but i doubt most women "own" and love themselves until well into their 20's. it took that entire decade for me to become comfortable within my own skin. now, two babies later...that's another story. heh.

O a dit…

I saw that ad at a crowded super bowl party and after 10 seconds it started getting everyone's attention. By the time it ended, everyone, guys + girls, went "That was different. Pretty cool, actually."

Did you read the reports that it rated really high in the post Super Bowl ad rankings?

It's interesting that Dove sells beauty products and then is pushing this "Be happy with yourself" campaign (ie. the natural-figured women in their underwear billboard in San Francisco). Do you think it's genuine? Or just a shrewd marketing ploy?