dimanche, mars 05, 2006


This weekend, I:
  1. Caught Leo's cold.
  2. Ate well.
    • Friday: Dinner at Dao Son with Leo, Cass, Nolan, and Mike.
    • Saturday: Dana's birthday at Wine Steals and her place with Leo, Ash, James, and Jason.
    • Sunday: Dinner and the Oscars at my house, including broiled mustard and dill pork loin with molasses and rum-glazed sweet potatoes.
  3. Studied and did research for a group project in marketing.
  4. Hiked Torrey Pines State Reserve with Leo, Ash, James, Chris, and Michiko.
  5. Lost water in my kitchen. (Neither my sink nor my dishwasher are working at the moment.)

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