jeudi, mars 16, 2006

mars attracts

I've often wondered where some of Google's more esoteric projects come from. Now I know.

Google company policy encourages all employees to spend 20% of their time on personal projects. Here's another fun one: Google Mars.

Mars attracts
[We] here on Earth have long held a fascination with the planet Mars. From Percival Lowell's sketches of its surface, to the countless books and movies that revolve around it, we've spent millenia studying and day-dreaming about our nearest neighbor in the solar system.

In that tradition, NASA researchers Noel Gorelick and Michael Weiss-Malik from Arizona State University worked with us to combine Google Maps technology with some of the most detailed scientific maps of Mars ever made.

In commemoration of Lowell's birthday, we're pleased to bring you Google Mars.
Explore the red planet in three different ways: an elevation map shows color-coded peaks and alleys, a visible-imagery map shows what your eyes would actually see, and an infrared-imagery map shows the detail your eyes would miss.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Mars.

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