jeudi, mars 02, 2006

negotiating between these two lines of fire

"I don't want the gas tank to explode, I don't want the tires to melt. I've just gotta keep going as fast as I can, negotiating between these two lines of fire."
In the early morning of October 26, 2003, Sandra Millers Younger and her husband Bob awoke to the smell of smoke. The Cedar fire was approaching their home. It spread quickly and the couple scrambled to save the few things they could fit in their car. Fourteen people died in the wildfire; twelve of them were Sandra’s neighbors in Wildcat Canyon. Here, she describes their escape.(MP3 4:13min. Recorded February 16, 2006)

I just listened to my friend Sandra on KPBS. They excerpted her StoryCorps interview, where she spoke about surviving the Cedar fire of 2003. I get the chills each time I hear her tell the tale.

Sandra, I'm grateful to know you and I'm inspired by your beautiful hope.

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