jeudi, mars 30, 2006

total eclipse of the ...

In case you missed the total solar eclipse yesterday:
Check out this slideshow.

Eclipse Sweeps Across Half the World
March 29, 2006 — The faithful said prayers, astronomers and thrill-seekers gazed skyward and watchers clapped in wonder as the moon turned day into night Wednesday in a total eclipse of the sun that cut halfway round the world.
Carving a narrow path over northwest Africa and parts of the Middle East, the eclipse expired on the steppes of the Russo-Mongolian frontier three hours and 14,500 kilometers (9,000 miles) after it began in northeast Brazil.
"It was so good, it gave me goose pimples," said Julio Paredes, a pizzeria manager from Madrid who travelled to Side, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, to watch the phenomenon. "I've waited for so long for this moment, and perhaps it was all the better because of that."
But for Ramatoutou, a farmer in the Niger village of Kareygourou, the event was an ill omen.
"What a disaster, the sun has disappeared!" he exclaimed, as children and a group of expatriates from the nearby capital Niamey looked upward. "I hope God will protect us."

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