vendredi, avril 21, 2006

my old sixth grade trivia nemesis and fellow G.A.T.E. short bus rider

It's a small effing world, after all.

I just had my technology-makes-the-world-teeny-tiny-and-connects-the-seemingly-unconnectable moment, courtesy of my blog. So of course I'm going to blog about it. : D

In 2004, I wrote about Danny Padilla (one of my elementary school classmates) and characterized him as my sixth-grade trivia arch-nemesis. He just found the posting and commented.

It's funny what we remember (the names of our classmates) and what we forget (the faces and the facts) from our childhood. Until his note, I had totally forgotten that I was the kid the reporters interviewed for the TV coverage about the body that was found behind our school. And I had no idea that he was the one who found it.

Anyway. Danny, if you read this posting, give me a way to get in touch. I'd like to have that re-match. Or, better yet, a drink with you.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hey Happy! Its good to hear from you.

Meeting for a drink sounds good.(expecially on a Friday like I've had today)Unfortunately I think the commute from Denver to San Diego is probably a bit much on short notice...Unless you wanna split the difference and meet in Vegas :)

Talk to you soon,

You can email me at