dimanche, avril 30, 2006

the tasty, cheesy, cholesterolbombdiggitygoodness otherwise known as grits

Today was a perfect day.

Leo and I spent the morning talking before meeting the crew at Ash and Jason's place in Encinitas. When we got there, the house already smelled awesome as Jason and Dana cooked. Cat, James, and Ash arrived shortly thereafter and we all sat down to breakfast burritos, grits with sausage and wild gulf shrimp, fruit salad, daiquiris, and mimosas.

After we had gorged ourselves, Jason made us margaritas to-go and we headed to Moonlight Beach for frisbee and soccer before hitting the Encinitas street fair. A few hours later, we all sat and recovered from the effects of a day's eating, drinking, and sunshine at Ash and Jason's before playing a neverending trivial pursuit game.

Then Jason and Dana fed us again. I'm still full.

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