mercredi, mai 24, 2006

foiled again

I boarded the trolley at o'dark hundred this morning and headed downtown to the Hall of Justice. (Superfriends, anyone?)

After completing the requisite paperwork, I made my way through today's mental to-do list, as follows:
  1. Write down today's to-do list. (Check.)
  2. Write my birthday thank-you notes. (Check.)
  3. Call Cox, Verizon, SDGE, etc. and sort some things out. (Check.)
  4. Finish the February New Yorker that I've been carrying around for three weeks without opening. (Check.)
  5. Take a picture of my reading materials with my cell phone. (Check.)
  6. Read more of "31 Days." (Check.)
  7. Eat lunch. (Check.)
    Bonus: I ran into Luko at the food court. He's actually a juror, on a criminal federal case that he can't talk about. (Naturally.)
  8. Hit downtown Borders and spend birthday gift cards. (Check.)
  9. Return to the juror's lounge by 1:30 p.m. (Check.)
  10. Hear my name called to a courtroom for voir dire, and get selected for a one-week trial. (Damn.)
The County of San Diego thanked me for my service and sent me on my merry way at 2:26 p.m.

The sad bit is that I really, really want to serve on a jury. I'm curious. It's not just that I've seen way too much Law & Order. I majored in political science, history, and sociology, dammit. God help me, but if I were ever a defendant, I'd want a jury of folks who were interested and not just the ones who were there because they weren't smart enough to get out of it.

Even if I set all of that aside, it was the third time I was invited to the ball, but I still haven't been asked to dance.

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Christine a dit…

You must have been down there right about when someone I know was selected for a 6-8 week jury trial (that he can't talk about). He was similarly interested in a jury gig and I can't wait to hear how the experience turns out.