mardi, mai 16, 2006

free association: el morro y la lengua

1) Last month, Diana mentioned that she and Ophy were going fishing. The reason: Diana wanted to catch a fish, skin it, and eat it. In short, she wanted to appreciate her food because of the effort it took to collect and prepare it.

2) This weekend, Leo and I were talking about the word for red (bell) peppers in Spanish. I use pimiento, he uses ají. So I got on the phone with my mom and she explained that morrón (for the morro, the snout of a cow) is also common in Argentina and Uruguay.

3) I follow a few photostreams on flickr. MatthewA is a talented guy who makes beauty look effortless and whose sense of humor leads to some very elaborate set-ups.

His photos often make me think. This one's no exception.

For more inspiration, and a great story about the revenge exacted upon gastropods by one cunning (and culinarily gifted) gardener, check out his blog. I swear that most of his stuff isn't about the food chain.

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