mardi, mai 02, 2006

people are still having sex

Abstinence isn't working.

Even the Catholic church is considering approving condom use as a way to preserve the life of a spouse of someone who is HIV-positive.

But the most radical approach du jour is circumcision. Men in southern Africa are lining up and doctors can't keep up with demand. Studies indicate it can cut the risk of getting HIV by two-thirds and can lower the risk of giving HIV to a partner by 30 percent. (The theory is that cells in the foreskin are susceptible to the virus and likely to pass it on. )

  1. Banging lots of partners is the big HIV risk factor, and men who get circumcised may feel free to do more of that.
  2. Some men in line are getting circumcised because they think it'll make sex more enjoyable, so their cosmetic surgery is delaying another guy's life-saving surgery.
  3. Medicine men are getting into the act, and every year, the authorities in Eastern Cape Province in South Africa report deaths and amputations from botched circumcisions of young boys.

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