jeudi, mai 18, 2006

to bargain it to another place

Charles Bukowski (August 16, 1920 – March 9, 1994), was a Los Angeles poet and novelist often mistakenly associated with Beat Generation writers because of alleged similarities of style and attitude. His writing was heavily influenced by the geography and atmosphere of his home city. The recent documentary, "Bukowski: Born Into This" describes him as "a tortured man who survived years of abuse to produce some of the most influential prose of his generation." His gravestone reads, "Don't Try". Women are a frequent target in his writing.

the mockingbird
the mockingbird had been following the cat
all summer
mocking mocking mocking
teasing and cocksure;
the cat crawled under rockers on porches
tail flashing
and said something angry to the mockingbird
which I didn't understand.

yesterday the cat walked calmly up the driveway
with the mockingbird alive in its mouth,
wings fanned, beautiful wings fanned and flopping,
feathers parted like a woman's legs,
and the bird was no longer mocking,
it was asking, it was praying
but the cat
striding down through centuries
would not listen.

I saw it crawl under a yellow car
with the bird
to bargain it to another place.

summer was over.

Via Amber (Toastmasters)

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