mardi, juin 27, 2006

the friends you keep

Hotel Cass
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Cass and I spent a few hours getting caught up tonight.

Partway through, she joked with me about a (former) mutual friend. As I think back on that situation and the role that person played in my life, I'm grateful that as I let one friend go, I was lucky enough to have others who pulled me much closer.

In many ways, ending that friendship was the catalyst for my awakening. Just thinking back on that time and how I was sleepwalking through life leaves me cold.

Anyhow ... Cass, you were the one who assured me that my darkest hours would pass and that I'd find my way back into the light.

Two years later, I've gotta say that you were right. The best part — we're both glowing.

For the record, it couldn't happen to nicer people.

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