lundi, juin 12, 2006

marriage protection amendment, anyone?

In case you missed Bush's (failed — thank god) attempt to re-ignite a culture war last week, here's an oldie, but a goodie:

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Anonyme a dit…

i'm not so sure you can call this a failure.

come november, when the democrats try to take back the house and senate, they're going to have to go get some of that red vote to do it. you don't think those candidates will have to explain why this amendment wa not approved to that particular constituency?

this wasn't about getting an amendment passed. this was about a) showing the nutjob base that the white house still cares about their fairy-tale jesus-built-my-hotrod idea of how the world works and is willing to waste more of our time and money implementing the more bigoted pieces of it, and b) making sure no one has forgotten that the dems hate your god, hate your country, and hate your way of life.

so, job well done. on the one hand, having this nipped so early cost them a lot of valuable media exposure. on the other hand, it probably motivates their base all the more. we're going to have some fun from here to november.


PS: i really hate word verification, and i hate evil, soulless marketers who created spam and made it necessary.