lundi, juin 05, 2006

paging homer simpson

I'm going to completely sidestep the stereotypes that I could throw around about police and donuts, and even avoid the use of the word "pig." Okay, not really ... (note that this took place at a law enforcement convention).

And riddle me this: why is it that food-eating contests are always the most disgusting of foods (donuts, hot dogs, pie)?

No doughnuts for me, please
Officer takes a break after bagging world eating title
Wednesday, May 31, 2006; Posted: 2:23 p.m. EDT (18:23 GMT)
ELKHORN, Wisconsin (AP) -- What kind of officer swears off doughnuts for a year?
In this case, one who ate 13 of them in three minutes, good enough to earn the title of world champion doughnut-eating officer.
Walworth County Jail Training Sgt. Howard Sawyers, who accomplished the feat last month at a law enforcement convention, said since then he has not been in a hurry to have another one.
Sawyers finished third in the competition last year but said he discovered a championship technique this year -- dunking the doughnuts in water to make them soggy.
"You rip 'em, you dunk them, and you shove," he said.
But doesn't a soaked doughnut lose its taste?
"When you have 13 doughnuts in three minutes, you're not worried too much about taste," Sawyers said.
Besides helping to reinforce a good-natured stereotype of officers' snacking habits, he said the win netted him a free street-survival training seminar and a Sig Sauer .40-caliber pistol.

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