mercredi, juin 28, 2006

trevor's got dao son's back ...

(Returning a missed call from Trevor at 11:24 p.m.)
H: Hey, I missed your call.

T: Dude, you missed two calls. Today was my last day of work ever! I'm at Scolari's Office with my friends from work right now. We're drinking and singing karaoke. You'll never guess who walked in a little while ago.

H: You're right. Who walked in?
T: That guy from Dao Son.

H: Ti?
T: Yeah, the guy who puts in the orders just walked in and belted out "Baby Got Back" like no one's business. How cool is that?!

H: S-w-e-e-e-e-t! That. Fucking. Rocks. Tell him "Yo, T! Happy says whaddup!"
T: Will do ... no really, he walked in and was awesome! How funny is that?!

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