vendredi, juillet 14, 2006

le 14 juillet

Happy Bastille Day!

Two summers ago, I was living in Paris on Bastille Day. I spent that day recovering from one crazy night out the evening before avec mes voyous at the bal des pompiers. Then, we all headed to the Champ de Mars for a picnic and fireworks at la Tour d'Eiffel.

Getting home afterwards was quite an adventure, with everyone in the city pouring into the Metro to get home before the trains stopped running. We crammed onto a train that we thought was fairly full, only to have more and more people join at each stop. It's a good thing we did, as that was the last train of the night.

Spending a month in France is the best thing I've ever done for myself. It's time to go walkabout again. Soon.

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Diana a dit…

VoilàLa Marseillaise. Military parade optional.