lundi, août 14, 2006

i know i'm not alone

Leo and I listened to the new Michael Franti and Spearhead album, "Yell Fire," quite a bit this weekend. It felt like a new album, but also not like a new album, as much of the music is in his documentary, "I Know I'm Not Alone." Anyhow, the album and the film are both amazing.

We saw "I Know I'm Not Alone" a few months ago. In it, Michael Franti travels to Iraq, Palestine, and Israel to explore the human cost of war with a group of friends, some video cameras, and his guitar.

The film pulls you into these war zones — and via Michael's guitar, eloquence and wit— you feel the humanity, artistic resilience and sometimes horrific experience of what it's like to live under the bombs and military occupation.

With its guerrilla style footage captured in active war zones, the documentary is unlike the many academic and politically driven pieces in the marketplace, instead offering the audience a sense of intimate travel and the opportunity to hear the voices of everyday people living, creating and surviving under the harsh conditions of war and occupation.

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