vendredi, août 18, 2006

soccer and the greater good

Leo's take on why soccer will never take off in the U.S.

this is why soccer rules: because it's a team game, and i don't mean that "you do your part, i do mine, don't bother me i'm busy, isn't it great to be part of the team" bullshit americans think of as "teamwork." which, by the way, is the essence of baseball. soccer is the one sport where you most share credit and blame. it's the socialist sport par excellence. and that, my friend, is why soccer has no future in the states. it's not the low scoring, it's not the lack of commercial breaks, it's not the long attention span required. mainly, it's that in order to be good at it you have to subjugate to the collective in a true and meaningful way, and you have to spread the action around.

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