mardi, octobre 17, 2006

a little respect

I have an exam in approximately 18 hours. My professor just e-mailed the class with some last-minute advice.

What I want to know is just how, exactly, am I going to get Vince Clarke and Andy Bell to show up for the exam with this late notice?
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ________ <>
Date: Oct 17, 2006 10:22 PM
Subject: BA 662, Wednesday Evening
To: list suppressed

There are about 75 multiple choice, true/false questions. Bring a
Scantron 882 or 884, calculator, number 2 pencils, and a good erasure.

No queuing formulas will be required. They become very complex, very
quickly. Nor will I ask you to construct R-Charts, or x-bar
Charts. All else is fair game. Look over your CalCopy.

See you tomorrow evening.

Prof _____

4 commentaires:

zagood a dit…

If you should falter,
will he open his arms out to you?


Anonyme a dit…

Bring your ipod.

Anonyme a dit…

A good erasure? Would he settle for a satisfactory Bronksi Beat? Or maybe an excellent Marc Almond?

O a dit…

Will there be a lot of Yaz/No questions?

I crack myself up.