dimanche, novembre 05, 2006

bill hicks and elections

The PS to this post ...
the spirit of bill hicks came to me in a dream last night. he told me some jokes about jimi hendrix raping debbie gibson and filling an olympic-sized pool with his own vomit. then he asked me this question: "if america is the world's foremost example of democracy, and nobody loves democracy like americans do, and we are the keepers of the democratic flame in a world ruled by fear, tyrants and the french, why is it that everyone has to go to work on election day? i mean, if we really have a boner that big for democracy, you'd expect no one would really get anything done that day anyway, right? where's that federal holiday? or is the first tuesday in november just not that good a shopping day?"

then i brought up the electoral college, and he started crying. it was mean of me, i admit it. but i needed to get some sleep.

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