mercredi, novembre 22, 2006


A friend of mine is an avid outdoorsman. He's also a great guy who has overcome lots of setbacks in life. Anyhow, here's a note from him that left me particularly inspired.
Hey, Peeps!

I just returned from a 4 day climbing trip to the Sierra Nevadas ... two years of planning and a dream came true! We were able to summit two peaks, one 2.6 miles high and another at 2 miles.

It was an epic journey, one that makes you appreciate life and the challenges that we choose or that jump out of nowhere. The views from the summit are symbolic of daily life... People who don't accept challenges as a necessary part of higher goals or who choose to tackle challenges alone rarely reach the summit. We reached the summit by helping each other overcome challenges because we agreed on a common goal but couldn't do it alone. With that perspective and a positive attitude the challenges were seen as a temporary and even fun part of the journey.

Best of luck overcoming your challenges and having fun in the process.
Thanks, J.

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