lundi, novembre 27, 2006

thanksgiving and forgiving outfits

Hope your holiday was nice and that your pants aren't as tight as mine right now. (I'm wearing a forgiving outfit at the moment.)

Here's how I spent my holiday week:
  • Monday before Thanksgiving: Smoked turkey and traditional fixin's with my parents and Leo chez moi.
  • Thanksgiving day: Quasi-traditional Thanksgiving with Leo, Dana, Jason, Alla, Gavin, and Jen. The deep-fried turkey was tasty.

Most memorable moments of the week:

  • Walking through the Zoo Thanksgiving morning and watching the polar bear play in the water and try to hide all the toys in his habitat. (We really aren't that different, after all.)
  • Watching Gavin (the fearless Kiwi) as he s-l-o-w-l-y lowered the turkey into the fryer while we all stood at least 8 feet back, in case he screwed up and the whole thing exploded. (I haven't gotten around to downloading the photos yet, but they're coming eventually.)
  • Trying to barbecue with Leo on Saturday. It took awhile, but the pollo asado and chimichurri flank steak were outstanding.

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