mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

webb, allen, and virginia's greens

I'm not registered as a Democrat, but that's how I vote when it counts (especially when it's close). We'd already be making plans for a Democratic Senate if it weren't for 26,000 Virginians who voted for the Green candidate. As Leo put it, "add IRV to the list of reforms i need to see happen if i am to stay in this country."

Virginia General Election Results: November 7, 2006
Office: U.S. Senate
Precincts Reporting: 2440 of 2443 (99.88%)
Registered Voters: 4,555,596
Total Voting: 2,366,814
Voter Turnout: 51.95 %
Candidates Party Votes Percentage
J H Webb Jr Democratic 1,172,801 49.55%
G F Allen Republican 1,165,448 49.24%
G G Parker Green 26,201 1.11%
Write Ins
2,364 0.10%
View Results by District Locality Total: 2,366,814
Via Leo

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Anonyme a dit…

Not to be too overly optimistic, but today's a great day. Dems take both the House and the Senate. Rumsfield FINALLY steps down. Yeah, yeah - the Terminator's still governor, and some of the propositions I voted for were rejected, but I can live with that.