vendredi, décembre 08, 2006


[Insert Andy Rooney voice here]
In my day, it was "word," followed by "sentence," and maybe, just maybe, "paragraph."

Here are some new ones, for your general edification. Feel free to incorporate them in your repertoire:
w0rd n shit
when someone is agreeing with what someone else is saying. Also could be used in the beginning of a sentence if the person talking is excited because they know what they are talking about.

"Damn dude, he was acting crazy today"..
"word n shit, yea he was."

"i was at the mall and i went into Man Alive, and they were having this big ass sale.."
"oh w0rd n shit!! yea i went there too and bought so much..blah blah"

word fucking word
It when a word is divided by two, and have the word fucking in the middle. For example Urbandictionary, giving: Urban fucking dictionary.

It's used when you're exited, angry, sad, can be used in a lot of situations.

Word fucking word, example:
It's the Xbox fucking 360!
Old fucking man, get out!
It's on the Play fucking station, what the hell do you think, Game fucking Cube? Get out!
Fight fucking club is a great movie.

Word Diggity
Very Very cool or Extremely Awesome
That movie was word diggity, man!

word on a biscuit
Used to describe the ultimate agreement.
The highest use of the word "word"
Mike: Hey Bob - I've got front row tickets to the concert.
Bob: That right there is word on a biscuit

word out
to mark the end of a conversation and your departure. opposite of word up
"Dude, I gotta run, word out"

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O a dit…

Where's Word UP?

Not feelin' the Cameo dis, man...

Anonyme a dit…

heard one when we were visiting my friend jen down in SF. she worked with a lot of french chefs and still
uses the phrase, "what the fuckquios?" great effect and almost appropriate for polite society.

scott :)