vendredi, janvier 12, 2007

getting my pap today

I'm seeing my gynecologist this afternoon. It's time for my annual exam and pap smear.

Yes, it's a hassle. But it's really not that big a deal. It's about as uncomfortable as a mild papercut and over in minutes. But I will have one every 12-24 months, no matter what. Here's why:

A friend of mine got great news this month. She's cancer-free after being diagnosed with endocervical cancer in October 2006 and having a radical hysterectomy on January 2, 2007.

It was caught relatively early, thanks to her annual checkup, so surgery was all that was needed to treat the cancer.

The experience has changed her life, to be sure. Her survivorship includes sharing her story and what she learned in the process via a cancer photo journal. Here is a piece of it:
Originally I had decided to keep my cancer diagnosis just between friends and family, but now that I know where this path is leading me, it seems like sharing it might offer something to others. Like impressing on any women who see this the importance of annual checkups to catch such cancers early.

Thank you's go out to my friends and family for showing me so much support during this time. I am truly blessed.

Update 1/8/2007 - GOOD NEWS: I have had my surgery, and am now in the process of recovering from it. My doctor says they were able to remove all of the cancer, and it had not progressed to the lymph nodes. So I will not need chemo or radiation therapy. Thank you everyone for your kind messages of support, and your thoughts and prayers. They have been, and continue to be a comfort.
Much love to you, J. I'll be thinking of you in the exam room today.

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wrki a dit…

When it comes to health, bracelet or no, it is always welcome when there is a voice of reason rather than worry to inspire one to care for oneself.

Thank you for the frank and personal reminder.

May we all get the chimney sweeped only to have it be minorly uncomfortable, rather than the bearer of more challenging tidings.

Be well.