jeudi, janvier 11, 2007

the line for the emotional roller coaster forms here

My friend Scott has had lots of misdiagnoses in the last month. Some are routine (car repairs) ... others, not so much (doctors told him that he had cancer when he had something else).

Read his "celebration of the first diagnosis being wrong":
* cracked exhaust manifold: $750
* having the exhaust shop call back and say that was the other civic hatchback, you just have a cracked tailpipe that needs welding: $50

* new blood test for multi-endocrine neoplasia that's only been on the market for 6 months and that your insurance doesn't cover : $900
* having the lab call back and say that your insurance actually does cover it after your co-pay and deductible: $200

* you face untold medical expenses because your surgeon's freaked out, neurotic assistant refuses to get a referral and authorization number from your insurance so you can see the orthopedic oncologist to treat your polyostotic fibrous dysplasia: $six figures?
* having the orthopedic oncologist's assistant call back and say that he's in your network and you're covered for 100% without any referral: $0

* you came in for appendicitis but you have cancer in your lung, both kidneys, and spine: you're fucked
* having them come back and say that, actually, you just have a rare, but treatable, benign bone disorder: priceless

the line for the emotional roller coaster forms here.

scott :)

Pain is necessary. Misery is optional.

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