mercredi, février 28, 2007

finding binge absolution in a do-si-do

It's that time of year again. Spring isn't here just yet (it's still rainy and cold), but the arrival of Girl Scout cookies means that the days will soon be warmer. It also means summoning incredible willpower and just saying "no" to the thin mints and samoas taunting me from my top desk drawer.

Apparently, I'm not the only one mustering the willpower. Allison sent me this hilarious commentary from NPR on the topic: Finding Binge Absolution in a Do-Si-Do.

Knowing myself, it's time for me to put the boxes in an interoffice mail pouch and send them to the IT guys who routinely save my ass during the course of the working year. If I don't, I'll just spend the next three days eating them, two cookies at a time.

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