lundi, mars 19, 2007

gorgeous, yet willfully opaque

Note to self: Don't see a film that portrays the horrible events of Argentina's Dirty War when you're already feeling the weight of the world. (Lest you come unhinged.)

Note (#2) to self: If you've just flouted the advice in note #1, consider the following antidote — the Shins and the Decemberists.

These two videos don't really do the songs justice, but (against all odds), they left me with a smile tonight. The lyrics to "Phantom Limb" have been described as "gorgeous, yet willfully opaque," an apt characterization for a song about a lesbian couple in high school in a small town. "O Valencia" is a more straightforward tale of star-crossed lovers. Both are in heavy rotation on my computers at the moment.

"Phantom Limb," from The Shins' album "Wincing the Night Away"

"O Valencia," from The Decemberists' album "The Crane Wife"