mardi, avril 24, 2007

when i'm 64

I'm halfway there.

My birthday wish this year (and, I suspect 32 years from now) is to live without regrets, surrounded by loved ones, learning, traveling, savoring, contributing, and generally being as healthy, balanced, passionate, and happy as possible.

But I'll settle for world peace, a sustainable future, a cure for cancer, and equal rights for women. Yep, that about does it.

3 commentaires:

Allison a dit…

Happy Birthday beautiful! Cheers to a year that's amazing as you.

Jason a dit…

Happy, you have all the things on the first part of your list. We love you, and you're an inspiration to us all!

As for the second list, I'd settle for no longer receiving credit card junk mail or e-mails insisting I need penis enlargement. Only then will I have enough energy left over to work toward world peace.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


Denise a dit…

Happy Birthday!