dimanche, mai 20, 2007

stop blackwater

I've emerged from another semester relatively unscathed and am getting caught up on all manner of things, ranging from back issues of the New Yorker to pop culture to San Diego politics.

I saw three "Stop Blackwater" bumperstickers today and finally got around to seeing what all the fuss is about.
Blog for America » Stop Blackwater in San Diego County
by Terry Williams
Published 05/12/07 @ 12:11 pm.

You may know Potrero as a small, peaceful community nestled in the hills and valleys near the Tecate border crossing in San Diego's back country.

You may know Blackwater USA too, because they are currently under investigation by the House of Representatives for war profiteering and their mercenary activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Blackwater is implementing their post-Iraq business plan for providing "homeland security" in the United States, and are proposing a 824-acre military style training facility in Potrero in San Diego County that will employ 60 people, provide paramilitary training to 300 students per week, and is modeled on their 7,000-acre training facility in Moyock, North Carolina. This parcel of land includes Cleveland National Forest acreage, borders the Hauser Wilderness area, and is an environmentally sensitive habitat for wildlife including three nesting pair of golden eagles.

Please support the citizens of Potrero, and oppose the establishment of Blackwater West in San Diego, California by signing the petition being sponsored by Courage Campaign. Over half of Potrero's voters have signed a petition opposing the training camp. Blackwater West is opposed by a wide ranging group of individuals and organizations including Congressman Bob Filner, the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club, Sierra Club-San Diego Chapter, Peace Resource Center, Progressive Christians Uniting, and the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club.

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Anonyme a dit…

To set the record straight!
Only 1/3 of the Potrero registered voters have signed the petition, which leaves 2/3 who are NOT against it.

Sharon Penny a dit…

Hi there Happy...
As a resident of the back country, I applaud you publishing this. Our local paper, The Alpine Sun, has had a fantastic series on this (surprising, based on their past stance). But I applaud them, as well as you.

The previous poster is wrong -- the MAJORITY of Potrero residents DO oppose this. Yes, only 1/3 have signed the petition, but then we are lucky to have 1/3 of our population VOTE. That many signing is a strong indication of opposition. The planning meetings show a strong opposition by residents.

Isn't it strange. If you had a bordello being built in the neighborhood, you would hear more about it. But a mercenary training camp? My god, what is more immoral and a sign of the fall of our empire (Read Roman Empire -- Fall.). I will always take sex over war. Nothing is more immoral than people who make money profiteering from war. Nothing.