lundi, juin 04, 2007

hanging with bill richardson

Allison, Bill Richardson, and Happy

Allison, Ash, Leo, and I crashed the Young Dems party in San Diego a few weeks ago. We got the tickets from our colleague's wife, who happens to be in business with Ash. (Small freaking world — I didn't figure out the business connection until four weeks later.)

To be perfectly frank, we went to the party hoping to meet Obama. But Governor Bill Richardson gave his rousing "I am not a rock star" stump speech, mentioning all the right things, like being anti-war, pro-environment, pro-choice, pro-gay equality, pro-education, pro-health care, etc. He didn't mention that he's pro-second amendment, but I doubt that would've played very well with that crowd.

He's got the credentials and experience to be President, having spent 12 years in Congress, serving as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Secretary of the Department of Energy, and Governor of New Mexico. I think he's among the strongest of the mid-field candidates, but doubt that he's got enough name recognition to rise above the rock stars.

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ellie a dit…

If more dems who say that they are 'hanging with the bill of rights' could get behind the WHOLE bill of rights, they might get more votes . . . I mean, it seems like so many of y'all distrust the government (and rightly so, power begets power begets power), yet want only government officials to be armed.

signed, young(ish) gun rights advocate